Sometimes life gets in the way

Firstly I must apologise for being away for so long. Unfortunately my health threw some curve balls leaving me quite unenthusiastic about posting, or doing very much at all really. It’s difficult to talk about what you’ve been up to when it’s all about your illness, and I don’t want to spend my time talking about it. I’m fine though and everything is under control, I cannot thank everyone who has sent me well wishes enough.

Let’s have a catchup, shall we?



Amongst the down time we have managed to get away occasionally, finding amazing little places such as Maitre Choux in South Kensington. Heavenly pastries!



Ferry journeys aren’t so bad when there are sun decks.



Flynn gave us all a very big scare. Over the easter weekend he was rushed in to hospital and we found out he was hypocalcaemic. What followed was weeks and weeks of tests after tests. Everything was pointing to lymphoma until the very last possible test came back all clear. Final diagnosis was idiopathic hypocalcaemia which we’re controlling through diet and he’ll have another blood test in a few months time to monitor his levels.



Penny has grown and grown! Now 6 months old!




I’ve been working on a short with some friends too. It’s nice and easy for me just having to play dead!


I had my 29th birthday this past Monday too. We didn’t do anything special as we went away the weekend before up to Bletchley Park (an amazing place) and visited the National Museum of Computing next door. On the Sunday we travelled back down to Bournemouth to go see the Aviation Museum. Essentially a field with lots of aircraft cockpits, it’s great fun exploring and clambering all over them.
Here’s to summer anyway guys! At long last it’s here and it’s beautiful. Consider normal serviced resumed.