In August my dreams came true and I met Brian Wilson.

Matt had bought me an incredible VIP plus meet & greet experience for my 30th birthday.

Something that I had dreamed about for many years was actually happening and I was always lost for words when friends asked me how I was feeling about it. To finally meet the man that had got me through so much and I’m not ashamed to say touched me with his music in such a way that it saved my life was the most indescribably amazing experience. To shake his hand, thank him and just be in his presence was and I think always will be the highest point of my life.

Meeting Al Jardine was awesome too and Blondie Chaplin who can still rock and roll better than anyone today.

With the experience we were able to join them for the sound checks too.

The gig as always was outstanding. This was my third time seeing Pet Sounds performed in its entirety and every time is a magical, almost out of body, experience. Those of you who have also had the privilege of seeing Brian Wilson live will know exactly what I mean.

This was most likely the last time I’ll ever see Brian perform, but also the greatest day of my life.

Love and mercy x