I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions, or really think of the new year as a fresh start at all. This year though, I felt different.

Life seems to have, to my shock, swerved into the fast lane. Not just life but me too.

For the first time in my life I know where I want to head for. 28 years of feeling lost has suddenly landed me in a place where the water is crystal clear and not only can I see where I should and want to be, but also all the paths there. It’s a massive journey but I’m running faster and faster and it almost overwhelmingly feels so right. I’ve often thought that I knew that feeling. Turns out I had no idea.

With so much going on comes loads of new and exciting goals. I thought that although it has never been my thing, I should write down all these goals from the tiny to the huge. Resolutions aren’t my thing, but goals? That I can do. I’ve dedicated a book to be my ‘Goal Book’, and it’s already got several ages worth of goals. It’s something that I want to keep adding to constantly, not just a few ticks off and be done with. Even just 11 days into the new year I’m already ploughing through them and I’ve even ticked off several.

Compton Bay – New Year’s Day

The Island rang in the new year the way it does best. The surf has been incredible lately and provided a great new years day. What better way to spend the first day of the year?

Freshwater Bay

The waves did not disappoint, and brought all manner of goodies to the shore. My garden is currently packed with driftwood of all shapes and sizes. We did get very wet however on a couple of our hunts, but the weather has been so mild it was nothing.

Hair styled by Freshwater Bay

The weather did break occasionally though.

Compton Bay

My feet haven’t touched the ground lately, just how I like it.

There has also been another “New” come into my life.

Meet Penny!!

Penny has been a long time coming. I have been waiting for the right rescue dog to come along for a couple of years now but given my situation and needs the search has been hard. Enter Penny. Recently I had been having a hard time and needed a little best friend more than ever. As a friend put it, it wasn’t the dog that needed rescuing this time. My friend’s daughter’s dogs had a litter and I loved hearing all the updates she would tell me, I didn’t even entertain the idea of having one myself. That was until she told me one day that there was just one left and they couldn’t find her a home. For days and days I thought long and hard. My morals especially giving me a hard time as I’m a great believer in ‘Adopt don’t shop’. But something was telling me to go for it, that we were meant to be. One look at her and that was it, I knew this was right.

She is a Jorkie. A long hair Jack Russell crossed with a Yorkshire terrier. I never even knew Jorkies were a thing until Penny came along. She’s now 9 weeks old and is so perfect in every way, good as gold and such a little darling.

Teeny tiny doesn’t even cover it! Both mum and dad were miniatures so she hasn’t got that much growing to do. Perfect to come with me on adventures. Definitely my dog too, she loves the sun. The final vaccinations are being done tomorrow and then it’s time for the big wide world! She is with me in my arms everywhere I go already, but being able to get on the ground is a whole different story. Her fur is getting longer and longer (she has the long hair Jack coat) and she has grown ever so slightly.

Oh, Flynn? Well…

Wake up!

From their very first meet, Flynn has been so so in love! He plays with her constantly, brings her his toys and they snuggle up to sleep together.

He’s not impressed however when I shove my phone in their faces and wake Penny up.

I can’t even go to the bathroom in peace.

They do rest sometimes.

So here’s to this mad life I’ve suddenly found myself in. This big journey I’m on and the amazing people I’m finding. It fills me with excitement but also a little fear that I’ve made so much progress already. If I can do this already in this short amount of time, where will I be this time next year?

Catch me if you can.