This past month has been spent looking after myself, both physically and mentally.

There’s been a lot to deal with regarding my illness and it’s not been easy. I’ve been using every bit of strength I’ve had left trying to take my mind off it with good company and good times, luckily we have been blessed with the weather for the most part. Living on such a beautiful island can make the hardest of days seem a little bit brighter.

We had grooming


We had Old Gaffers


Wouldn’t be a month with an obligatory hospital selfie!


Lilou placed in her first ever show at the Royal Isle of Wight County Show!


Saw Kraftwerk at the Royal Albert Hall


People watched in the rain


Ate good food with good friends


Got blown away


Failed to resist Maitre Choux


Picnicked on the downs


Cheered up in the best way by the best people


I’ve been doing lots of planning for the coming months on the blog and I’m really looking forward to sharing it all with you!