Last week I turned 30.

I also made the decision that even though my ill physical and mental health have taken so much away from me, It’s time to congratulate myself on all I’ve done these past few months while fighting.

I saw America on a short but dream trip, spending time with wonderful friends and making new ones. I struggled, but the dry Los Angeles air was a great help and I managed to get through the trip without testing the US medical system.

I also stood (joke there somewhere!) for The Green Party in the local council elections. It was mad, exhausting, stressful and very very hard work but I loved it. I met so many incredible people and somehow managed to come second place out of 6. I had never done anything like it before and I hope that it inspires young women and other disabled people to get involved in politics at any level. I hope I’m well enough to stand again in 4 years time.

I got through a nasty relapse that has unfortunately brought my treatment into question, but I have options. Well, one.

Lastly I pulled myself through all of this (dragged more like) while my mental health had other ideas. I’ve spent the past few months constantly looking at my watch waiting for the breakdown to finish, I’m hoping that I can continue the baby steps I’ve been making lately.