You too can achieve this look by clinging to a cliff for hours in near gale force winds

I’m amazed at how quickly I’m recovering. That’s not to say I’m out of the woods, far from it in fact, but it’s excellent progress. Whilst I’m in a lot of pain I’m still now able to get back to a semi normal life, that fine balance between getting myself back together and over doing it, I mean.

I’m still able to train once a week which does my mental health the world of good. Also, if I stop being active (as much as possible) and rest then I won’t start again, and the whole process is much harder and much longer.

I’ll go into my fitness regime more as it gets going properly again, but even now I’m still concentrating on weight training. The only cardio I do is resistance based and the most important part of my fitness is staying flexible, so lots of stretches and yoga.

Yesterday I had a coastal photo shoot. I say coastal rather than beach as we were up on the cliff. It was overcast and grey, occasional mottled sunshine graced us with us it’s presence but the main event was the wind. It was almost gale force which was actually perfect for what we had in mind (See above picture for genuine beach blown hair). Photos to come very soon.

I would like to know where the sun has gone. The weather has been Autumnal. Cold, windy and very wet. Flynn also longing for the sun to come back. Here’s some snaps of him interrupting my sun lounging time and of course, cuddle time.

He even has his own Facebook page now!

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