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Skincare for a Healthy Glow


Summer is finally here! We all love soaking up the sun, but often neglect our skin for the sake of a tan. Whilst tanned skin can be beautiful, skin damage and cancer are not. Here’s some of my favourite products that you can use to keep your skin safe and healthy whilst getting that glow. (more…)


With the importance wellbeing becoming more noticed and accepted in recent years, we’re often told how we should integrate mindfulness into our daily lives. Mindfulness can translate in many ways to different people, but the principle is based on awareness of what’s going on around us and in our heads. There are several million and one articles over the web on awareness and how beneficial it is to your life, helping with stress, anxiety, life management, happiness and acceptance (this list could go on forever, really). It’s a shame however that nearly all of them completely miss the most important and crucial aspect. (more…)

New Beginnings

I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions, or really think of the new year as a fresh start at all. This year though, I felt different. (more…)