Whilst Autumn is well and truly here, I refuse to accept it.

After the washout that was the school summer holidays, it feels like we haven’t had a summer at all.

Whilst some warmth still spikes through occasionally it’s most definitely sweater weather here on the island. The wind can bite a lot lately too so I’ve already found myself looking at coats with the face of a disgruntled sprout.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn. Mostly because Autumn to me means food. One can never have enough pies in their life.┬áIt’s just that it could’ve held off a little longer.

I’ve been non stop, darting around trying to avoid the rain, but we managed to get a couple of shoots in which I’ll be sharing soon. I’ve also migrated the blog which has gone perfectly, so expect to see some positive changes around here in the future and a lot more content. I’m also propping back up my tired YouTube Channel. In the coming weeks I have some themed shoots and I’m currently in the process of developing a pin up alter ego which is going to be so much fun.

So when I’m not rushing around I’m in hiding from the weather. Almost always with coffee, and almost always in the same place.