In an age where being different and quirky is in vogue it’s easy to get lost amongst bandwagon jumping white noise. Flat white noise that is.

So how does one find a coffee shop that actually lives up to what it says on the tin? By checking them out of course.

You always hear recommendations from all angles on their latest finds, but when the delicious coffee supplier to a friend’s own coffee shop says it’s good, you know you’re on to something awesome.

Southsea Coffee Co. is a short walk from the hovercraft terminal, a perfect excuse to get off the island for the afternoon and thank goodness we went over on empty stomachs. When we arrived the atmosphere was laid back but buzzing with youth and quite busy for mid afternoon.


We stared at the huge drinks menu for an eternity before deciding on our coffees which were both amazing. We both had drinks from the single origin brew menu and mine was one of the best coffees I have ever had.


Raw vegan pad thai

The food menu was a great surprise. Packed with vegan options and even raw vegan! The value for money here is fantastic too, neither of us finished off every little scrap on the plates (well we had to leave room for cake too).

Behold! The glory!

The cake counter was a work of art. Bursting with colour and life, there was something here for everyone and yes, even raw vegans!

Feel good food defined.

Almost too pretty to eat.

This place really exceeded expectation. It delivered everything promised and is definitely not ‘just another coffee shop’.

I can’t wait to go back.