It finally happened, I’ve gone back to brunette!

I had been toying with the idea of going back to brunette for some months now. When I say toying, I really mean stressing myself out trying to make this huge decision.

My hair, like any woman’s, is special to me. It’s been on some journeys over the years going from healthy to wrecked and vice versa, made worse by the fact that my MS treatment has caused it to thin and although it doesn’t look it a lot of it has fallen out. I never thought I’d say I was grateful for having a mass of thick hair, but if I didn’t I’d have hardly any left now. So as you can imagine I do not take these decisions lightly.

Add to this my experience of nearly two years ago to this day. I decided to go back to brunette as I didn’t think I could keep up my sandy blonde highlights over the winter. I don’t know why but the tint wrecked my hair. It went from being healthy, strong and amazingly shiny to dull, dry and frazzled. I had almost instant regret. I told myself to stick with it until the following May but only got as far as March before going back to my sandy blonde highlights. My hair did suffer some more, but with a lot of TLC it ended up looking healthier than when I was brunette.

Fast forward to now and my hair got to the point where it was so tired I was facing the very real prospect of having to have a lot of it cut off. OR – I go back to brunette and just leave it apart from a lot of pampering getting it back to health. As anyone who’s hair doesn’t grow fast will tell you, even a trim is a traumatic experience! So I had to seriously consider a drastic colour change.

My friend Luci has recently starting training at a beautiful organic salon in Ventnor – The Hair Shack, and when I went to check it out and have a blow dry we got talking about my dilemma. That’s when she told me about the colouring products they use by Organic Colour Systems. All natural, organic and cruelty free, not a single chemical in sight. She showed me the colour chart and I was amazed at how many beautiful shades could be achieved. I decided there and then that this was the way to go. We did some strand tests and I was gobsmacked at the results. Vivid colour and the most amazing shine, from just rinsing the product out! No conditioning etc! The right decision had been made.

Friday morning I arrived extremely nervous but very excited. The bottom line was that I didn’t want to change my hair colour at all. I loved my sandy blonde and when you think you know how you look your best, why would you change that? But, it had to happen whether I liked it or not, or it would be a short bob for me and that will never happen again. We ended up going for a completely different shade of brown than we had previously thought about, agreeing that with the bleach underneath I would have to go a shade darker anyway because it would fade through in no time. Before I knew it the colour had been applied and took just 30mins to develop. I cannot tell you how lovely it is to be sat there without all the harsh chemical and usual salon smells invading your space.


And there it is! The end result!



Like I said, HUGE change.

The shine is incredible and the colours are gorgeous. Proof that you don’t need any chemicals etc to achieve amazing colour. The condition of it is like brand new hair compared to the straw like mane I had before. I also decided to have 2 inches off all over along with my layers being cut back in. A real makeover.

Talk about a shock to the system! I didn’t recognise myself at all. Everyone has commented on how lovely it is and how much it suits me but as with any big change it’s certainly taking me a while to get used to! It’s beautiful, it really is. I love it but I wonder if perhaps there’s too much super dark in there. It will lighten – a lot, but I think I will have just a few bits at the top lightened to break it up and soften the bulk around my face. I can wait though because the colour is so gorgeous and it has saved my hair.



Let me know what you guys think! And look out for The Hair Shack’s dedicated blog post coming up soon x